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Your personal car rental

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Multi-garage and Turo.

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With Multi-Garage you can easily rent a vehicle at an affordable price, directly from your phone. No need to spend hours looking for a rental agency, our fleet of vehicles is ready to be rented now. Watch our video to find out how easy it is to rent a vehicle with us on Turo. Book now and enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind!

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Your personal car rental

Book now and start planning your next getaway with
Multi-garage and Turo.

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Whether you are a vehicle owner or a garage owner, our goal is to give you the best possible service. We know your time is valuable and that's where we come in. We guide customers to the best mechanical service in town based on their needs and we bring a significant volume of customers to our partners

Garage Laval offers customers access to a range of mechanical, detailing and car maintenance services all in one place!

Garage Laval offers the best service



Want more sales!

Smartly control your agenda planning and digital supply chain. We offer local garages several ways to improve their customer service by being faster and more affordable than the competition. By saving you valuable time by booking appointments online and offering corresponding logistics distribution to each specialist, you generate more sales and higher profits. Focus on what you do best, and let us manage your schedule


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Our online calendar is available 24/7 to make life easier for you and your customers. In addition, our agents will be happy to answer your customers to properly direct them during business hours. Imagine, working without having to constantly manage your schedule



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Our platform offers more flexibility to plan your schedule. Let us know if you want us to fully organize your schedule or if you prefer to confirm your appointments. We just need to know your opening hours and the volume of customers you want.


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Our presence on social media and on our network of websites will give you more visibility. Think about it, working with us will even optimize your advertising costs

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